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Notes on finding the proper wick:
For certain brands (particularly Kerosun, Toyostove, and Toyoset brands) it is important to include the letter at the end of the lot number. Add this letter to the end of the model number. Example: Kerosun Omni 105N

Lot numbers are usually found on the UL sticker or near it. Lot numbers usually start and end with a letter.

Sears Kerosene Heater Models:
Sears Kerosene Heaters have a 10 digit model number. To determine the correct wick number for your heater omit the first 3 digits of the model number and the last digit of the model number.
Example: If the model number is 206.260011.1 the correct wick number would be 260011.

All wicks ship individually bagged and include instructions.
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